Smart Storage Bin - Mobin 4

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Products are offered in master carton with 6 sets (of 4 bins) 24 bins total!

Price in this catalog is for for total 6 sets in master carton (shipping included)

• Detachable bin system offers a versatile and convenient storage solution for hardware, crafts, toys, and spices.

• Easily attached to a wall-mounted scalable rail to brick wall, plywood walls, and drywall.

• Transparent Clear polycarbonate MOBINs™ allow you to see all stored items at a glance.

• Ergonomic Design - MOBINs™ are designed so you can easily tilt, detach, open or close the MOBIN’s lid using one hand only.

• Spill/Dust Protection The MOBINs™ lids protect your items from dust and spilling.

Presently all lids are rainbow-colored

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